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Hand Dipped Incense

Tranquility notes of pineapple, bamboo and coconut

Suit & Tie notes of jasmine, patchouli, Japanese grapefruit and bergamot

Strawberry Shortcake notes of sweet strawberries, pound cake, sugar and whipped cream

Jasmine notes of ylang ylang, white plumeria, floral and powder.

Serenity notes of lemongrass, sugarcane, patchouli, and black current.

Tuxedo notes of musky, mossy, woodsy, and ambergis subtle florals.

Sweet Winter noted of crisp pine & cypress combination with a hint of cranberry and orange.

JMP Signature notes of dragons blood, gardenia, amber and patchouli.  

Palo Santo notes of cashmere, cedar wood, clove leaf and patchouli.

New Beginnings notes of bergamot, vetiver, mango and creamy coconut milk.

** Infused with essential oils**

Estimated 45-60 minute burn time

15 count